Portable Ultima Patches

Produced by: Jason “Xarton Dragon” Penney
Website: JCZorkmid

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A set of patches for Ultima 1 through Ultima 7 Part 2: Serpent Isle, developed by Xarton Dragon, which should theoretically be applicable to most installations of the games, inside or outside of DOSBox. The patches are distributed in the PDAR (Portable Delta ARchive) format of Xarton’s own devising, and contain only the differences between the patched files and the unpatched files. This should streamline and speed the process of patch application, and also removes much of the hassle of the actual installation process that other patching utilities use.

Most of the major patches for each game are included, and a complete listing (as well as installation instructions) can be found in the main download. Also available for download are a PDAR application for Windows, as well as the PDAR source code.

These have been tested against the GOG versions of the games (the Underworld games excepted) and are confirmed to work thereupon. Xarton will soon be testing them against the Ultima Collection CD installations, and it is expected that the patches will prove effective for those versions of the games as well.

Note: the Ultima 7 patches are supplied as ZIP files, and each archive contains a pair of files: a General MIDI patch and a “GOG Extra” patch. Here are Xarton’s instructions for applying these patches:

  • Ultima7.General_MIDI-1.1.pdar or Ultima7p2.General_MIDI-1.0.pdar
    Modifies necessary files in place. No need to run batch installer. After applying simply run INSTALL.EXE to change your music device to MT-32 to activate.
  • Ultima7.General_MIDI-1.1-GOG_Extra.pdar or Ultima7p2.General_MIDI-1.0-GOG_Extra.pdar
    Run the General MIDI patch first. This patch modifies the U7.CFG supplied with the GOG distribution to activate the GM/GS patch without the need to run INSTALL.EXE.

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