Ultima 5 Upgrade

Produced by: Voyager Dragon
Website: Exodus Project
Website: ultima-exodus @ Bitbucket

The Ultima 5 Upgrade 1.0

Voyager Dragon’s upgrade for Ultima 5 that adds MIDI music to the MS-DOS version the game.

Ultima 5 MIDI Music

The MIDI music from the Ultima 5 Upgrade, for your listening pleasure.

Yet another brilliant upgrade from Voyager Dragon, this time for Ultima 5. These updates add MIDI music files to the PC version of the game, which had previously only appeared on the versions for Commodore and Apple. It also adds music to the introduction and endgame sequences, the ability to quit the game from the main menu, and the ability to exit the game after the endgame sequence.

At some point in the future, this upgrade package may see the addition of a VGA graphics option. As yet, however, this has not happened.

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